Asset Navigator is an Enterprise Asset Management web application that helps to monitor and manage assets and end point in your network. Along with IT Asset Management, it manages the end point with Asset Tracking system, Asset lifecycle management, Asset Inventories includes IT and Non-IT Assets, Patch Management, Remote Management etc.,


Software Asset Management (SAM) provides complete visibility of all hardware, software across your entire network, reconciled against your entitlements and contracts.
  • Scheduled, automated discovery of hardware on the network and software’s installed in them.
  • Reliably collect software information from virtual, cloud and mobile environments.
  • Software inventory compiles all of the information in one place, making software license management — and ultimately software audits — less painful.
  • Reports to highlight the different licensed software’s and the count of pirated, under-utilized, over-utilized and complaint software’s.
  • Reports to know the different software’s in use on the network grouped by vendor. 


  • Monitor the physical location and status of movable and fixed assets of an Organization
  • Facilitate scanning of both IT and Non-IT assets through barcode, QR-Code labels to prevent loss and improve business operations
Overcome Manual Inventory Management overhead
  • Auto discovery removes the chances of errors which is otherwise possible with manual inventory management.
  • Asset Lifecycle Management with all available methods of depreciation helps the Organization to manage for Budgeting expenses.
Easy Control of All Assets 
  • Tracking all assets dynamically across multiple domains and locations leads to significant reduction in maintenance cost, and improve visibility and control.
Manage Software Inventory and Ensure Compliance
  • Tracks all under-licensed, over-licensed and non-compliant software and align to compliance. Good chance for IT team to align to compliance by getting rid of unauthorized software.   



Patch management process features to detect missing patches, install the patches or hot fixes that are released from time to time, and provide instant updates on the latest patch deployment status.
  • Facilitates Installation of 3rd party application,
  • 3rd party application patch,
  • windows patch, software to Remote Windows Systems.
Patch Management process 
  • Provision to search and choose systems to which patch will be installed.
  • Choose to install patch/Software to one more Test Systems.
  • Review the installation of patch/Software on Test Systems.
  • After review and approval of patch installation results on Test systems,
  • Approve or Reject installation to selected systems.
  • Once Installation to systems is done and results are recorded.

Best Practice of Patch Management :
Understanding the importance of patch management –
Knowing why patch management is an important aspect of cyber security solution is critical. Quick response to latest patch updates would deny and protect vulnerable systems from zero-day threats.
Availing the services of managed service providers
Managed service providers offer patch management software to fit the requirements of the business – big or small. MSPs take full control of the patch management process – while the businesses can focus on the management and revenue-generating aspects.
Deploying patch testing
Some patches are incompatible with certain operating systems or applications and leads to system crashes. It is good for IT admins, to run a patch test before the patches are deployed on to the endpoint systems.


Mentdesk Remote Management tool  is used to enable remote access in a specific system either within the Network or out of network connected on Internet. Simply put, it allows users to remotely access a device from another device as if they/rre sitting in front of it. With the help of the internet and virtual connection, users can perform several tasks on the remote device including app management and troubleshoot 
Both of the systems will have the same remote access software agent installed, and someone can access your PC at home.

Key Features : 
1) Connect to Systems on Network or even on Internet securely without Firewall setting changes

2) Manage and troubleshoot endpoint systems by taking remote control with the right tools and resolve issues instantly. 

3) Handle Systems Wake on LAN and shutdown of any individual or Bulk systems remotely and enable seamless remote assistance.

4) Take concurrent remote sessions

5) Web console management for computer and users

6) Logging of connections, file transfers

7) Computer and user grouping

8) User Management 

9) 256 bit AES encryption



Purchase order management is the Organization’s processes for all purchases ensures proper justification and the  costs, requirements has been agreed. Purchase order management requirements derived from Contracts and New requirements pertaining to the IT expenditure by associating product vendors, suppliers etc., 
  • Simplify purchase order process
  • Create purchase order with approval process
  • Ensure approvals before releasing the purchase order


Contract Management is very important for an IT team to ensure uninterrupted services to the users. It helps to maintain SLA’s between internal teams and the customers. It helps Management to avoid paying the full cost or new purchase of assets.
Module Features 
  •  Create and Maintain Contract information of both Hardware and Software assets separately
  • Can manage any type of Contract such as employee, vendor, and hardware annual maintenance agreements.
  • Can be configured to send proactive alerts when a contract is due for expiry.
  • Soft copy of contract and related documents can be maintained with ease for quick reference. 
  • Contract are associated with service requests, hardware or software asset, type, period, CI items etc.,
  • Centralize the management of all subs Contract, third party contact information, expiry dates, start date, end date, contract expiry alerts, approval managers, contract soft copies as attachments, Invoice Details, Financial Details & complete Audit history.

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