Patch Management Software

Patch management is a process that manages a network of computers by constantly deploying all missing patches to keep computers upto date. It is the process that helps acquire, test, and install multiple patches on existing applications and software tools on a computer, enabling systems to stay updated on existing patches and determining which patches are the appropriate ones which makes easier to manage. Patches released by vendors to fix problems with different versions and to help analyze existing software programs and detect any potential lack of security features or other upgrades. Security threat is a concern while applying patches and hence testing has to be ensured before patches are been applied.

Automated Patch Management

  • Patch Management process can be cumbersome if IT team spends fixing manually and hence it has to be automated remotely to save time.
  • To automate the process, the software as to detect the missing patches, install with the latest release versions and provide instant update on the latest patch deployment status.
  • Patch Management can be automated to enable all the computers to remain updated with the recent patch releases from the vendors.
  • The Software has to ensure to mitigate risks against the security threats and vulnerability.

Mentdesk Patch Management Process

  • Patch Repository: Manage the patch information along with list of assets to which patch installation is requested for, list of assets with successful installation, list of assets with error installation.
  • Asset Repository: View the assets that are enabled for Patch Management. Enable grouping/management of workgroup computers. Enables viewing of Domain systems along with OU and group details.
  • Installation request: Create patch installation request for a patch from Patch Repository to list of Test systems and list of end user systems.
  • Review/ Approve: Patch installation requests will need to be approved in order to be deployed to end user systems. If test systems are marked in installation request then as part of approval Test systems with patch installed will be reviewed by IT manager and test results are recorded.
  • Deploy: Any patch that is approved will be deployed in end user systems and results are recorded automatically for reporting purposes. 

Mentdesk Patch Manager Benefits

  • Deploy patches across Windows systems that include Windows and other third party applications.
  • Patch deployment and management on different endpoints like desktops, Laptops, Servers, etc,
  • Integration with AD server to get the list of Assets associated OU and groups. This enables limiting the patch deployment to assets belonging to specific OU and groups.
  • Defining groups for workgroup computers to manage patch deployment to computer in a specific or a set of groups
  • Reports on updated patch status for audit and assessment
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