HR Team

It helps the HR team to manage the employees, new joinees, their training, orientation etc to facilitate, reduce employee retention with the help of employee satisfaction survey, making exit process easier by workflow communication Service Request fulfilment

Self Service portal
  • Allows users to create, edit tickets and assign to the intended recipients keeping the stake holders in loop.
  • Users can track and keep updated on the ticket progress, approvals automatically.
  • Reduces the IT team burden as users need not involve IT team for other service requests between employees, departments etc.
Service Catalog
  • Helps new joinees to quickly gear up for their work by creating new tickets using the catalog items quickly and get ready to start their work.
  • Analyze the pain points that are taking up staff resources

Knowledge base

  • Manage full lifecycle of knowledge articles with closest match to search
  • Technicians can publish solutions to the knowledge base, Easy to cross reference solutions for re-use
  • Improve Knowledge transfer mechanism amongst staff
  • Reduce Duplicate Resolution efforts for same incidents, problems and change requests
  • Customizable workflow features for approvals, assessment, and schedule.
  • Ability to configure visibility rules to knowledge base items
  • Keeping Knowledge Base Updated with consistent and accurate information.

Automated Workflow Management

  • It follows the process set by the organizational hierarchy in addressing each operational grievances, requirements etc.
  • It reduces the unnecessary meetings and discussion for following the organizational process and procedures.

Survey Management

  • Employees opinions and feelings are acknowledged as being important.
  • With employees opinions, HR can take necessary course of action to avoid the retention and to motivate the employees keeping the momentum get going in an organization