A web based IT Asset Management application that helps to monitor and manage assets in your network. It provides you with a number of ways to ensure discovery of all the assets in your network. Enables management of assets of type - Hardware and Software, IT and Non-IT, Physical and Virtual assets etc., Ensuring IT security and software compliance is made easy with the usage of this application in an Organization with better TCO. Real-time auto discovery helps auditing much easier to manage assets of Domain and Workgroups, Networked systems and out of Network systems. Enables auditing of particular software, windows patch in a set of assets or all the assets in your network.

Hardware Asset Management

  • Automated Tracking of all your IT hardware and Software configured in the network, tracks all CI technical attributes like Processor Info, Hard disks, RAM capacity, NIC details, user accounts etc.,
  • Capture and maintain the contract information, Warranty of parts, associated documents, maintain asset owner.
  • Capture, maintain relationship and dependency mapping between assets.
  • Track the asset from time of purchase till disposal and generate reports based on the existing asset status, expenses and help in planning for the subsequent year budget.
  • Track Asset expenses, depreciation and total cost of ownership
  • All IT asset details can be consolidated in the Organization from a single system by installing remote scan tool.
  • Helps in relationship management between Hardware and Software IT Assets
  • Enables scanning of assets and limit the scan to fetch the configured parameters.

Asset Auto Discovery

  • Agent-less, Agent Based and combination of the both models can be configured based on the needs.
  • Auto Discovery of assets is possible by set of Subnet range, list of IP addresses, and list of asset names.
  • Properties to be scanned on assets are configurable to get desired performance and meet the requirements.
  • Auto Discovery of systems on Network and Out of Network, Domain and Workgroups
  • Support various types of IP Devices and Operating Systems (Windows / Linux / AIX / UNIX etc.)
  • Ensure Effective Usage of available Hardware 
  • Easy to spot cases of under utilization of assets and review the asset allocation plan, work towards improving the process for utilization of available resources effectively.
  • Reports help IT team to make informed decisions about hardware purchases.
  • Different reports, graphs available help the IT team to track the inventory efficiently. 


  • Manages the software’s lifecycle right from  purchase to disposal, deployment, maintaining the software optimal utilization in an Organization
  • Auto discovery of assets gets the installed software attributes like software name, version, and publisher and installation date.
  • Manage Software Inventory and Ensure Compliance
  • Tracks all under-licensed, over-licensed and non-compliant software and align to compliance. Good chance for IT team to align to compliance by getting rid of unauthorized software. 
  • Allocate Software usage to computers as per Organizational policies, Optimize and maintain the software usage.
  • Smart way to track New Installed and Uninstalled Software 
  • Enables smart way of being notified about the list of installed and uninstalled software in the network assets after every scan on network.
  • Audit Software with Ease
  • Software audit process is made easy and quick, reduces time and cost of the Audit process.


  • Maintain the software license inventory  and track their usage.
  • Effective reports indicating unused and  under-utilized licenses, over-utilized licenses
  • Helps in ensuring optimum usage of the purchased licenses
  • Enables tracking of the license expiry date and  notifies upfront about the license expiry details


  • Feature to audit of specific software in all the assets or specific list of assets.
  • Audit of specific windows patch is possible in all the assets or specific list of assets.
  • Automated e-mail with audit reports at the end of auditing to the specified audience is configurable.
  • Spool real time reports to get the list of new installed and recently uninstalled software from the network assets
  • Enables generating reports on the new installed software, uninstalled software for a given set of assets based on the last scan results


Configuration management database (CMDB contains all relevant information about the hardware and software components used in an organization/rs IT services and the relationships between those components. This helps the management with useful data for business intelligence, software and hardware builds, impact analysis for incident and change managements.

Module Features
  • Ability to discover record and maintain all Configuration Items (CIs) throughout their entire life cycle
  • Ability to link all CI/rs to owners/locations/departments and helpdesk tickets.
  • Relationship Mapping to provide the dependencies between the Ci’s.
  • Network Topology diagram would provide the relationships between CI’s
  • Active Directory or LDAP import, seamless integration with LDAP
  • Track all CI’s and record in the centralized repository
  • With Relationship Mapping, the impact, root cause analysis can be identified and appropriate measures been taken
  • Ability to add default attributes and relationships to a CI item
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