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An ITIL v3 aligned ServiceDesk helps to manage the IT services and needs of an Organization of any size any Industry in conjunction to the business process defined. It helps the management to define, monitor and review the process followed by different business units/departments in executing their day to day tasks. It provides effective, informative reports to the Organization on the various aspects like efficiency of different departments, effective usage of movable - immovable assets and resource utilization in different projects.


When an incident occurs that is not usual and not encountered early in the organization that will be tagged as incident ticket e.g. Mail server or Exchange Server down, Firewall is down etc.,
Once any ticket is created, there will be an option to tag as incident.  Then the each of the process - Root causes, business impact, symptoms, corrective measures and Solution to that incident should be followed.
Details/steps for each of process should be completed and recorded to ensure this incident does not occur in the future. If occurs then it should be handled within defined SLA.
Incident Process follows :
  • Identification
  • Recording and Logging
  • Categorization and Prioritization
  • Diagnosis
  • Escalation
  • Resolution
  • Closure


Problem Management extends Incident Management by providing workarounds, and temporary fixes, until it has found the root cause of Incidents.
Problem Management depends on reviewing all the accurate information of Incidents to enable reactive and pro-active analysis of the underlying root cause.
Problem Management allows IT Staff to become pro-active & helps them to get solely out of the fire-fighting mode, by identifying Problems & Known Errors before the Incidents occur.

Mentdesk Problem Management enables 
  • Identify, register and classify the problem.
  • Perform investigation & diagnosis.
  • Provide workaround.
  • Identify known errors.
  • Resolve and close the problem
  • Reporting




When technology changes, it mandates Change in an Organization. Proper tools Best practice are necessary for managing Change. 

It provides a repeatable standardized methods  and procedures for making change
Helps in making changes quickly and accurately as per the business needs
Protect services while making changes and minimize the business risk
A successful change should
  • Create Request for Change
  • Assess and evaluate
  • Get Authorizations
  • Record CAB notes
  • Schedule, Coordinate and Implement


  • Knowledge Management Software allows you to develop a single database, to record and Share Information with Your Team. Mentdesk - Integrated Modules lays foundation for Data-to-Information-to-Knowledge-to-Wisdom - to understand the relationships between incident, service requests, problem, change, release and Configuration Management Database.
  • Mentdesk Knowledge management module facilitates the improvement of quality decision making of management and support associates, by ensuring that accurate and reliable knowledge information is provided during the entire service lifecycle. Knowledge Management ensures that IT & Business service providers have adequate information to perform their jobs in an efficient manner.
  • Mentdesk Knowledge Solution Managers allows you to develop enterprise-grade knowledge base, which helps you to share information from your Intranet or website, thus reducing customer support, enhancing staff productivity and eliminating time wasted searching for information across different systems such as shared online folders and paper documents.
  • Mentdesk Knowledge management solution is useful for SME businesses, education providers, non-profits associations and enterprise organization  

Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreement is defined for the various types of tasks based on the significance of the tasks in each department of an Organization. This helps in measuring the performance of the departments, identify if there are flaws in the existing process and work on required changes to get the best performance which helps meeting the business targets by retaining the existing customer and recruiting new customers.

Module Features
  • Create and manage the SLA for each department.
  • Ability to keep SLA active for a date range.
  • Active SLA can also be deactivated on choice.
  • Proactively alerts on all impending Service bottlenecks, so they can be resolved before impacting service performance.


  • Create different type of Surveys, Opinion polls with single or multiple type answering options
  • Ablility to selectively activate a survey for a defined date range.
  • Ability to send Survey invitation emails to all or selected employees.
  • Employees who have the invitiation to participate in the opinion poll can complete the survey forms from self service portal.
  • Detailed reports are made available for the feedback received that also highlight percentage of total participants who participated in the survey.


Auto discovery of assets on the network with Agent based or Agent less model or by importing the asset data from the CSV file.
Hardware Assets :
  • Ability to view all the hardware details discovered over the network.
  • Ability to add new hardware item and maintain the same.
  • Single view of service requests associated to the hardware.
  • View associated contracts for the CI item. Enables alignment of the Organization business processes and policies with the hardware asset management to ensure effective use of the assets.
Software Assets :
  • Ability to discover the Software details from all the hardware assets available in the network across different locations.
  • Ability to add new Software item and maintain the same.
  • Segregate active, inactive software in each system and differentiate licensed and unlicensed software
  • Track all licenses expiry dates and prevent additional cost in renewal by setting an alert messages as notification


Purchase order management is the Organization’s processes for all purchases ensures proper justification and the  costs, requirements has been agreed. Purchase order management requirements derived from Contracts and New requirements pertaining to the IT expenditure by associating product vendors, suppliers etc., 

Simplify purchase order process
  • Create purchase order with approval process
  • Ensure approvals before releasing the purchase order

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