MSP Service Desk leverages various IT Services for an MSP:

It helps the management to get overview of the workflow within the organization, IT assets, Support activities, Analytical reporting etc. With the help of Timesheet, Management can track, assign and review each employee tasks allocated and how effectively resources been utilized.

IT Support Services

  • Helps in managing the entire IT Infrastructure remotely from a centralized system.
  • MSP can manage entire IT support services of their customers remotely through ticketing system by configuring email to ticketing with auto creation and notifications.
  • With remote management, the technicians can take control of any system from their client network and perform tasks to fix the errors.
  • Technicians can support customer on the go through mobile access and remote control to perform troubleshooting.

Technical Support

  • MSP technicians provide technical support remotely by taking remote access of the client user system and perform following tasks :
    • Remote System On and Off
    • System hardware health status
    • transfer files
    • messaging with the client user
    • install third party software
    • troubleshoot for any error related issues etc.
  • Technicians can support wide range of services with the remote systems which includes Desktop, Server, Laptops etc.
  • By performing hardware and software related tasks, it ensures the legal compliance Viz., Perform auto discovery of IT assets which can fetch basic details of hardware that includes
    • Memory
    • Hard drive
    • CPU
    • Operating system
    • BIOS
    • Motherboard
    • Serial no
    • Software installed
    • Uninstalled Licensed software
    • Unlicensed Software count
    • Prohibited Softwares
    • Expiry date of both assets
    • Audit Reports
  • Technicians can manage the Network and endpoint related support Viz.
    • Email/Exchange services
    • Backup
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Identity and Access Management
    • Patch Update
    • Compliance
    • Cloud Application management
    • LDAP services etc

As an MSP, your business valuation is dependent on your monthly recurring revenue stream and your profitability. Some services may add more to revenue but less to profitability. Some may be more easily differentiated and sustainable than others. Those requiring a higher level of investment and commitment, such as hosting services, will add more to your valuation. Security services are another growth opportunity worth exploring:

  • multi-factor authentication
  • single sign-on
  • password management
can all be managed centrally on behalf of your clients. MSP needs steady increase in sales to existing customers while increasing the size of new contracts because of growing services portfolio, while  ensuring the delivery commitment as per the SLA.