Key Challenges encountered by businesses that Mentdesk can resolve with their range of Asset Management products

Asset Management

Keeping expenses within the budget poses a challenge; especially when it comes to managing all your business assets. Avoid overspending on your asset management tools and make them cost-effective.

Software License Management

Accuracy and relevance is critical to smooth functioning of business software, applications, and other asset management tools.Business assets contribute to the operations largely and need to be effective in accomplishing the business goals. You need to track only the key parameters relevant to your business operation.

Inactive and Loss of Assets

How well does your assets management able to track down in active IT and non-IT assets. You need an efficient tool to monitor such unused or inactive assets to cut down on unnecessary costs.

Software Compliance

Software non-compliance attracts huge penalties and decreases your brand popularity. It is very important to keep track of compliance related issues to retain customer loyalty and brand popularity.

Security Threats

This is a major concern for every business. Using tools to manage your assets is important but equally important is to keep your assets safe and secure. Have you evaluated the reliability of tools that you use?

Efficient Use of Licenses

Software licenses are one great asset that you need to keep track of for expiry and renewals. You need an efficient tool to manage it automatically and not worry about if often during your regular business course.

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Range of products in a Nutshell


Monitor and manage complete lifecycle of an asset, right from procurement to disposal; helping to make strategic decisions for your IT environment


Along with an effective IT asset management solution, ServiceDesk is a broad approach that serves users in conjunction to manage all IT requirements and other support activities to make it a comprehensive IT Service Management solution.

Remote Access Software

Take Remote Access of any device in a specific system either within the network or outside to perform multiple tasks including app management and troubleshooting.

Software Asset Management (SAM)

Manage and optimize the purchase, deployment, maintenance, utilization, and disposal of all software applications within your organization.

Asset Monitoring

Real-time Monitoring of key IT Assets status, Real-time URL monitoring to maintain and optimize their availability

Patch Management

Apply Windows patch through distributed method to all the assets in the Network and install third party software’s

MSP Service Desk

Get an overview of the workflow within the organization, the IT assets, Support activities, Analytical reporting etc.

Asset Tracking

Monitor the physical location and status of the movable and fixed assets of an organization.

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Mobile Access

Access any of our applications on the go


Login through any of the devices for quick review, tasks, assignments, status etc

Quick Support

Fully functional mobile access at your finger tips, be at your work place or on the field

Easy Access

No need to install any mobile app in any of your mobile devices

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Products Workflow

Mentdesk products and solutions are designed to cater to all businesses.

Case Study 1

  • Client - Leisure and Hospitality
  • Problem - Wanted to automate their software audit process
  • Solution - Asset Navigator for Software Compliant
  • Result - Office locations across Chennai, Mumbai, and Bangalore handled the entire support reuqests from users across the country. Regular audits and maintenance of all IT assets to ensure software compliance eliminating unlicensed software
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Case Study 2

  • Client - Publishing & Retail Industry Service Provider
  • Problem - Manage their IT assets across 3 major cities Chennai. Mumbai, and Bangalore
  • Solution - Asset Management Solution
  • Result - Regular asset audits to ensure software compliance and elimination of unlicensed software was accomplished
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Different Types of Industries Catered to

Describe how each industry can benefit out of using the products. How our asset management software serves the IT industry to solve their day-to-day problems. Features in a nutshell.

IT & Business Operations


Helps to keep track of all IT hardware in the network with CI technical attributes.


Agentless/Agent- based automated identification of IT hardware and software within the network.


Tracks all physical assets, either by scanning barcode labels, QR Code labels attached to the assets or by using RFID tags


Keep a track of all software installed in devices within the network for any unauthorized installations and to keep track of license expiry and renewals.


Monitor unused or under-utilized licenses/ over-utilized licenses.


Identify vulnerabilities in the entire network and easily fix by installing a patch software.


Our Value Proposition

All Mentdesk Applications stand to serve customers to solve their most day-to-day issues arising during normal business course. To help keep business assets IT and Non-IT intact and in action. Make your investment fruitful with good returns.

Ensure software compliance is achieved throughout the organization and across geo locations. Staying compliant be it for IT assets or non-IT assets is critical for customer or brand loyalty.

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Specific Features

Data Migration

Seamless integration of your data from your existing system to our ServiceDesk Application. Enables to generate custom fields as needed before migration


Data Archival

Schedule weekly, daily, or monthly database backups as needed easily. ServiceDesk enables to export the backup to a storage server providing a role-based access and based on search.



Seamless integration of Mentdesk ServiceDesk and IT Asset Management with any third-party applications to effectively monitor and control your entire IT Infrastructure across the network.


Active Directory

Application integrated with AD/LDAP for authenticated user access. Helps to monitor and allow only authorized users to securely access the application